01 September 2016

Selections from Pilsner Panther’s collection of over 12,000 vintage sound recordings. The playlist changes at the beginning of every month, and downloads are always 100% free.  Scroll down for the full playlist.

Art Gillham - If I Owned The Lamp Of Aladdin (1925)

California Ramblers - Lady Luck (1928)

Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra -
Flaming Youth (1929)

Frank Crumit: Plink! Plunk! I Pluck My Guitar (1929)

Eddie South and his Alabamians - La Rosita (1927)

Clarence Williams Washboard Five with Eva Taylor -
Top Of The Town (1927)

Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra - Zig Zag (1934)

James P. Johnson - Ain
’t Ya Got Music? (1938) 

Sam Morgan
’s Jazz Band - Bogalusa Strut (1927)

Sidney Torch at the Mighty Wurlitzer Theater Organ - 
Hot Dog! (1934)

Harlem Hotshots - I Believe In Miracles (1935)

Tempo King and his Kings of Tempo - Organ Grinder’s Swing (1936)